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Birdhouse ABC app

BirdhouseABC is a groundbreaking web app designed specifically for special education teachers, helping you effortlessly track, analyze, and report on your students' behaviors. Accessible on any iPad or computer browser, our user-friendly platform saves you countless hours each month, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your students.


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ABC Method

The ABC method is a proven approach for understanding and managing behaviors in special education settings. It involves: Antecedent (Identifying the triggers or events preceding a behavior). Behavior (Observing and documenting the specific actions exhibited by the student). Consequence: Recognizing the outcomes or results that follow the behavior).

By systematically tracking the ABCs of behavior, you can uncover patterns and trends, enabling you to develop targeted interventions and support strategies that foster a positive learning environment for all students.

Key Features

With BirdhouseABC, you can: Easily record and monitor ABC data in real-time. Access detailed reporting and analysis to uncover patterns and inform decision-making. Streamline communication with parents, colleagues, and administrators. Benefit from in-app instructional videos and expert user support. Safeguard sensitive student data with our secure platform.

Example Use Case Special Education Classroom

Meet Ms. Johnson, a dedicated special education teacher working with a diverse group of students, each with unique needs and challenges. Among her students is 10-year-old Emily, who has been struggling with emotional outbursts and disruptive behaviors in class.

In the past, Ms. Johnson relied on paper-based records and informal notes to track Emily's behaviors, which made it difficult to pinpoint patterns and develop effective interventions. This is when she discovered BirdhouseABC an online ABC (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) tracking app specifically designed for special education students.

With the help of BirdhouseABC, Ms. Johnson began systematically recording ABC data for Emily in real-time. She noted the following: Antecedent: Ms. Johnson observed that Emily's outbursts often occurred during group activities or when she was asked to transition from one task to another. Behavior: Emily would yell, throw objects, and refuse to participate in the assigned tasks. Consequence: The class would be disrupted, and Emily would be removed from the classroom to calm down.

Over time, the data collected in BirdhouseABC revealed a pattern: Emily's behaviors were primarily triggered by changes in routine and overstimulation during group activities. This insight allowed Ms. Johnson to work with her team to develop targeted interventions, such as: Providing visual schedules and timers to help Emily anticipate transitions and manage her expectations. Offering additional sensory breaks and calming strategies to reduce overstimulation during group activities. Reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging Emily to use self-regulation techniques.

As a result of these interventions, Emily's emotional outbursts significantly decreased, improving not only her own learning experience but also the overall classroom environment. Additionally, Ms. Johnson was able to easily share the data and progress reports with Emily's parents and support team, fostering better communication and collaboration.

By using BirdhouseABCfor online ABC tracking, Ms. Johnson was able to identify patterns, develop effective support strategies, and monitor Emily's progress in a streamlined and efficient manner. This success story highlights the benefits of leveraging technology to enhance the educational experience for special education students.

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Try it free for 7 days
*No credit card required to start